Spiritual Journey

connecting to spirit

Inspiring Awareness by Colleen J‚Äčorgensen


Spirituality is a very personal movement through life. The end of the pier can take you in many directions. Paths are often wide taking long periods of time within the life in order to reach the end. Then the road branches, swirls, goes up and down with the pulse of life. At other times the light is dim driven along by fire flies in the mist. Yet in other instances it's very bright pulling us along with such intensity we can hardly catch our breath. Spiritual is a word, meaning many things to many people. Each stroke of the brush is different. Producing an array of colors, which blend together in a beautiful oracle of light.

We merge together, bumping into other people's experiences to propel us to experience more. We share, tolerate, avoid, mix and love in the hope's of reaching our true destinations.

Take the time to enjoy some of my journey for as long as the spirit moves you.

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